The Kingdom of God is Within You



By Tom Roselius



For the past fifteen years Iíve been seeking to understand the mysteries of the kingdom by lots of prayer and study, and I must admit that itís been quite an interesting journey; but what Iím going to share is not standard teaching, so itís going to be difficult to hear; in fact, thatís why Jesus said that many will ďhearĒ his kingdom parables without understanding what they say; and that many will ďseeĒ the mysteries of the kingdom, without perceiving what they mean. (Matthew 13:9-15) So not only is this a difficult truth to hear, but it is equally hard to teach; so when we try to hear something new, we need to let the Holy Spirit do the teaching; for when we donít, we end up rejecting truth just because it disagrees with our own perceptions; and then weíre no better off than the Pharisees that couldnít hear what Jesus taught because he healed on the Sabbath; and we end up with doctrines that are so rigid, that they keep us from hearing anything new. So with that in mind, Iím going to share some of the things Iíve uncovered in my own personal search for the kingdom.

When I talk about the kingdom of heaven, there isnít one definition I can give you that will fully explain his kingdom; for the kingdom of heaven has many different faces. For example, the kingdom of heaven is likened unto leaven that a woman hid in three measures of meal; and itís likened unto seed that is sown in the soil; but these parables illustrate how the kingdom of heaven mysteriously changes our hearts, rather than tell us what his kingdom will be like when it actually appears.

Nevertheless, I am going to try to paint a picture for you, and unfold some of the mysteries of the kingdom; but first, I need to make something clear: when I talk about an entrance into the kingdom of heaven, Iím not talking about our born again experience, nor am I telling you that you canít be translated out of darkness into the kingdom of his Son; for that is something that takes place by faith, and a completely separate matter; so when I talk about an entrance into his kingdom, Iím talking about a future event that takes place after Jesus returns; and Iím talking about a literal entrance into the gated city called New Jerusalem, which is the visible kingdom of heaven. For when we assemble all the pieces of this kingdom puzzle, thatís the picture that appears; and as a matter of fact, most of the scriptures that talk about an entrance into the kingdom are talking about this future event, and not our born again experience; and thatís why so many of these kingdom scriptures are so frequently misunderstood.

So this is a study that is written to believers that are already in the kingdom of God; and this is written to those that have already been translated out of darkness into the kingdom of his Son. For Iím not trying to tell you how to enter the present kingdom, or how to be born again; for that is something that the church has taught us well; but what I am writing about is an entrance into a real gate or door thatís going to be determined by our works; and I am teaching those that desire to enter into this bridal city what is needed to get ready; for as you will see later on, our entrance into his kingdom is going to be determined by just one thing: did we love the Lord Jesus Christ with all of your heart, soul, and mind, and love our neighbor just like Christ loved us; for without love, all of our works profit us nothing, and we are going to miss out on the greatest of all rewards.


                    THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN: An online book: dedicated to those that desire a righteous heart

                    Intro:       Then Will I Profess Unto Them, I Never Knew You

                    Chapter 1: Not all that believe in Jesus Christ will enter his Kingdom Gates
                    Chapter 2:  Cleanse first the inside of the cup
                    Chapter 3:  Pride
                    Chapter 4:  Blasphemies
                    Chapter 5:  Murder
                    Chapter 6:  Wickedness
                    Chapter 7:  Covetousness
                    Chapter 8:  An evil eye
                    Chapter 9:  Evil thoughts
                    Chapter 10: Adulteries, Fornications, Lasciviousness
                    Chapter 11: Thefts, False witnessDeceit
                    Chapter 12: Foolishness
                    Appendix: Saved by faith, judged by works

                    Appendix: The Gospel of the kingdom


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     Audio 02: Ask, Seek, Knock 18.7 meg           

     Audio 03: Parable of the Wheat and Tares 25.2 meg

     Audio 04:  Kingdom is like a treasure 23.2 meg

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Chapter three: Is God a Spirit, or flesh and bone?

Chapter four:  Inside New Jerusalem or ruling as a god on a distant planet

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Chapter six:    What Mormons teach about salvation

Chapter seven: How The Book of Mormon contradicts what Mormons teach about salvation

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